From Our Head of School

Welcome to Gwynedd Friends School 



At Gwynedd Friends School, we watch life-long friendships blossom as our students work hard at play. We weave the Quaker testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship into our curriculum, helping us to build a moral foundation for each of our little friends. As teachers seek to nurture the light in each child, they carefully observe their students’ interests, helping to guide and facilitate learning. This is the cornerstone of our emergent curriculum approach. Offering a wide range of classroom experiences allows young learners to discover the world with all of their senses – whether they are reading, singing, crafting, building, baking, or just taking a nature walk. Our yoga and music classes enrich our program, keeping the children moving during the week, which is especially nice during the colder months.

Our school's idyllic setting helps young children discover the natural world. Children learn all about the wonders of nature throughout their years with us and play outside rain or shine! We are proud of our new playground area, offering plenty of open space to run, climb on logs, crawl through our "big" tunnel, build with outdoor blocks, ride bikes, and experiment with water and mud.

We hope you will come visit us here at Gwynedd Friends School. We have so much to share!

Daena Berdougo, Head of Gwynedd Friends School

At Gwynedd Friends School, children are actively learning through play each day in their classrooms and outside in our natural play spaces. Under our care, children learn fundamental skills that prepare them for their elementary years and grow to become independent, reflective, and confident learners. Quaker values are highlighted throughout the year as we seek to nurture each child’s social and emotional needs. All of us at Gwynedd Friends School work hard to provide our young friends with a solid moral foundation to serve as a touchstone throughout their lives. To foster a deeper sense of community, all-school service projects and Quaker Testimony celebrations are highlighted throughout the year.

Our school helps young children foster a love of learning. We continuously work to design an educationally progressive and developmentally appropriate curriculum, which provides children with opportunities to discover their world through play and exploration. Our early childhood educators facilitate and guide hands-on activities for their students, supporting kinesthetic, visual, auditory, interpersonal, and intrapersonal learning. Through the use of an inquiry-based approach, we ensure that our students make meaningful connections to their classroom learning. 

I am pleased that you have chosen us to be an integral part of your child’s early childhood years. Welcome to Gwynedd Friends School.

           Daena Berdougo, Head of Gwynedd Friends Schoo



Daena shares a story with friends.