Play Group “Explorations”

  • Welcome to School

  • Fall Fun

  • Holiday Sharing and Caring

  • Winter Wonders

  • Bears, Bears Everywhere

  • Planes, Trains and Trucks

  • Spring is Here

Preschool “Explorations”

  • All About Me

  • Fall Investigation: Weather, Fruits & Vegetables, Trees

  • Friendship, Community and Thanksgiving

  • Winter Investigation: Weather, Animals, Trees

  • Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes

  • Spring Investigation: Insects, Birds, Nature’s Changes and Caring for our Earth

  • Ocean Life

Pre-Kindergarten “Explorations”

  • All About Me

  • Nature and Harvest in Fall

  • Friendship, Community and Thanksgiving

  • Exploring Winter Holidays and Traditions

  • Nature in Winter

  • Project-Based Learning (Emergent from each class)

  • Nature in Spring: Birds, Butterflies and Bugs

  • Our Pre-Kindergarten students receive daily instruction in language & literacy, readiness & writing, and math & numbers from the Learning Without Tears’ Pre-K program: Get Set for School.

Kindergarten “Explorations”

  • Coral Reef

  • Rainforest

  • Native Americans

  • Holidays around the World

  • Opossum Study and Individual Animal Research Projects

  • Polar Regions

  • Weather

  • Life Cycle Study: Seeds to Plants, Egg Hatch and Butterflies

  • Springtime in Paris / Artist Study

  • Our Kindergarten students receive daily instruction in language & literacy, writing and math using Wilson Fundations, Kid Writing, Mathematics Their Way, and Singapore Math.