Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

At Gwynedd we celebrate with a day of service for our children and their families. Participants rotate through various centers to create goods and perform services for local groups.  Examples include: making breakfast bags for a before school program, creating placemats for Meals on Wheels recipients, decorating quilt squares to be part of quilts for children in need, and more. 


9:30-11:00 on 1/20/14. Plans include: Making lasagna for Hope Gardens families, baking brownies, building 
a playhouse for the grounds behind the Kindergarten, decorating quilt squares to create quilts for children in 
need, breakfast bags to go to the Office of Children and Youth in Norristown, snack bag – Boys & Girls Club in 
Lansdale, penguin cards for those who need cheering up, snowmen placemats for seniors receiving Meals on 
Wheels, banner with hand prints and an MLK quote to be placed in a public space.Click