PSC (Parents Serving the Community)


Spring Break Bags ready to go!

Parents Serving the Community is a group of preschool parents led by Marcia Wise, our Gwynedd Friends play group teacher.  The group began over 10 years ago as a way for preschool parents to organize and carry out outreach projects to improve and support our greater community.  Their focus is on simple projects that the children can be involved in with their parents.  This provides an important learning experience for the children on the value of helping others.  The group meets once a month and is open to all interested parents.

Some of the projects from PSC begin in the classroom with sewing by the preschool children and end with a holiday stocking filled by a preschool family that is gifted to a child in need.  At other times during the year PSC sponsors an ice cream social and invited everyone in the school to enjoy ice cream after the school day.  The donations collected for the event then go to a local cause.  The largest PSC event occurs on Martin Luther King Day.  Students, siblings, families and alumni join for a day of service.  Our volunteers engage in activities such as baking, painting, card making, filling breakfast bags and quilting - all of which benefit local charities and organizations.


Charities and organizations PSC works with include: Manna on Main Street, St. Mary's Manor, Montgomery County Children and Youth Services, Hope Gardens, Lansdale Community Housing Services, Project Home, and Baby Bureau.  

PSC provides an opportunity for parents to participate in and support the Gwynedd Friends community as well as an opportunity to volunteer along with their child.  Come and join us in helping others in our community.