Welcoming new families

New Family Orientation: Over the summer, the Head of School and key faculty members will meet with new families to talk about what to expect during their first year at GFS. This is typically held in the evening and is a parents-only event.

Buddy Family Program: To welcome new students and ease their transition into the Gwynedd Friends School community, the Buddy Family Program pairs a current family with a new family. We do our best to match families whose children are close in age. You will be contacted by your buddy family over the summer and have the chance to get together for a playdate and talk about life at GFS.

Home Visits: In late August, all children will be visited at home by their new teacher. This visit gives student and teacher the chance to get to know each other in a familiar setting.

Back to School Picnics: During our first week in September, all families are invited to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy on the playground.

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