Our Philosophy

We are guided by the Quaker testimonies of Equality, Integrity, Peace, and Community. We seek to “grow into” closer and closer observance of these ideals.

We welcome and celebrate diversity in individuals and in families in all constituencies in our school.

Our teachers encourage each child to learn to respect their own Light Within while also respecting the equally brilliant Light in others.

Our approach to diversity starts with the questions (queries) we ask ourselves as a learning community. This questioning marks a process of deep reflection, including a hard look at the pre-conceptions we may not even know that we carry. The questions that we ask shape our actions and decision-making. This is an ongoing process.

We seek to set a tone of openness, not glossing over difference but seeing and hearing individuals fully, embracing the wholeness of each member or prospective member of our community. We guard against a culture of privilege.

We believe, “Diversity is a tribute to God’s boundless creativity.”

Our Practice

• We welcome the representation and full engagement of parents, guardians, teachers, and children within our communities whose differences may include—but are not limited to—age, ethnicity, family makeup, gender identity and expression, learning ability, physical ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

• We seek to create and sustain a community that is safe, supportive, and welcoming for all.

• We monitor and assess diversity and inclusiveness in school culture, admissions, hiring, retention, financial aid, and curriculum development. We actively examine our biases and assumptions.

• We are committed to raising scholarship assistance to help increase socioeconomic, as well as religious and racial, diversity.

• We use inclusive language in all written, electronic, and oral communication.

• We embrace diversity as an opportunity and feel it is an asset to be able to teach and learn by example. Freedom of expression is encouraged, as is listening with an open heart and mind.

• We make a conscious effort to provide multicultural materials and literature in the classrooms, and welcome learning about the great diversity of holidays, celebrations, and songs around the world.

• We provide training for teachers on LGBTQ issues in early childhood education, specifically on how to help children move away from stereotyping gender roles & preferences, on honoring individual gender expression and pronoun use, and on suggesting inclusive language for parents.

• We pride ourselves on offering an inclusive, nurturing, and safe environment for children with learning differences.