Gwynedd Friends School offers a play-based curriculum, rooted in the philosophy that children learn best when presented with opportunities for hands-on discovery and exploration of their natural world. Play takes on many forms at Gwynedd Friends School as we recognize the richness that comes from both self-guided and teacher-directed play. Play helps young children navigate relationships, strengthen language and communication skills, develop problem solving abilities, build confidence, and increase motor development. Classrooms are filled with materials to engage children in both cooperative & independent play. There are plenty of interactive dramatic play opportunities set up to invite children to use their imaginations. Sensory and art experiences are designed by the teachers to develop fine motor skills and hone creativity.

Based on our commitment to playful learning through inquiry and discovery, our faculty and leadership team has created a curriculum that is unique to Gwynedd Friends School and in line with modern teaching theory for early childhood education. Our curriculum is designed to encourage growth in the following domains: language development; small (fine) & large (gross) motor development; social development; emotional development; and cognitive development.


Our expansive property boasts beautiful outdoor spaces to explore on our natural playgrounds, forest trail, and field. Children spend at least 30 minutes outside each morning in the sun, rain, and snow. There is much room to run, jump, climb, slide, dig, crawl, pedal bikes, and get dirty. We have a vegetable garden, a butterfly garden, and several large planters that offer all of our students plenty of interactive opportunities to engage in our natural world.